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stablished in 1983 just two miles from the historic town of Pendleton South Carolina and Clemson University, Claysmith Rob Gentry continues his journey of creative discovery… celebrating, that clay is limited only by one’s imagination. 

Rob Gentry creates his artistry with clay in Pendleton, SC.As a young boy of twelve, Rob experienced for the first time, the magic of the potter’s art at the foot of a Japanese master. Now over forty years later, his studio produces a wonderful assortment of original clay works.  Stemming from a different take on traditional function, Rob is noted for his hand thrown bathroom sinks, stoneware aquariums, and creative light fixtures, in addition to his popular food service vessels. These were all featured in the 1998 Southern Living touring home, the Wrenn house.  

His tile works:  murals, mirrors, and counters are found in homes and public buildings throughout the Southeast.  His sgraffito platters have been used by Governors, Universities, and private businesses as gifts and awards both nationally and internationally.

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The Art...

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The Potter's Lifestyle...

"Experiencing the fire and the excitement of new ideas - Progressing through the thought: Refining - Experimenting - Playing."

Rob Gentry - 2010