Bi-Lo Charity Classic - "Blue Ridge Getaway" Platter Project


The "Blue Ridge Getaway" Platter was commissioned by Bi-Lo Charities as the VIP gift for the 2010 Bi-Lo Charity Classic.


he Bi-Lo Charity Golf Classic is the largest single day charity golf tournament in the United States. The monies raised are distributed throughout our area, to many of our charitable organizations, such as Meals on Wheels. In February of 2010, I was honored to be selected by Bi-Lo Charities to create their corporate sponsor gift for this year’s event, the "Blue Ridge Getaway".

I was commissioned to make 400 platters, each with a Blue Ridge Mountain theme. These were presented to the executives from many of our national and international food and beverage corporations, as a thank you for their sponsorship of this Charity Fundraising Tourney.

I was very grateful that Bi-Lo had decided to go the Handmade route, as it honors the many talented and skilled artisans and the handmade tradition that is still thriving throughout the Blue Ridge. Because of the tight time constraint, I called several of my "clay" friends, and due to their dedication and teamwork, we were able to complete this challenging commission with a day or two to spare!

Many thanks to: Sue Grier (Leicester, NC), Chris Troy (Seneca, SC), Sam Davis (Knoxville, TN), Anne Bishop (Pendleton, SC) Andrew Massey (Anderson, SC)… all skilled clay workers in their own right.

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Sue Grier
Chris Troy
Chris Troy
Andrew Massey
Andrew Massey
Anne Bishop
Anne Bishop

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