Palmetto Pieces...


The story of how the Palmetto Tree and Crescent became symbols of South Carolina, dates back to the Revolutionary war.

In 1776, the British army, then the most powerful military force in the world, had moved down to blockade the port of Charleston. They attacked Fort Moultrie on Sullivan's Island, which was built out of Palmetto logs. Instead of shattering from the bombardment, the spongy logs absorbed the cannon balls and did not fail. The troops that were manning the fort wore a metal crescent called a gorget, on their hats. Gorgets were originally a piece of knight’s armor worn as a throat protector, but had eventually evolved into a decorative crescent. These two items were soon placed together and have been used as symbols of South Carolina ever since.

I have created several Palmetto items: blue stoneware plates of two different sizes, large Palmetto mugs, Palmetto tiles/coasters (4"x4") and the beautiful sgraffito wall piece, "The Governor’s Plate".

The Potter's Lifestyle...

"Joyful exchanges. Comfortable while holding full, steaming mugs, surrounded and nurtured by this creative chaos."

Rob Gentry - 2010