Raku and U-do-Raku


This iguana was created using the Raku style.


t Rob Gentry Pottery, we respect the ancient techniques, as well as variations on them. We also want to share those techniques with others to introduce them to the wonderful experience of molding something from clay to become a beautiful, unique piece of art.

Raku   - A firing process, named after a family of Japanese potters in the 16th century, who produced simple yet elegant cups that became associated with the Zen Buddhist tea ceremony.
This is a relatively low temperature firing that can be done in an hour or so.  The glowing red hot pots with molten glazes are removed from a ~1800 degree kiln, using long tongs and heavy gloves.  They are then sealed in a large can filled with sawdust, straw, or other flammable material.  After being smoked in the can for about 10 minutes, the pieces are removed and quenched in water.  They are then scrubbed to remove any soot and smoke residues. Dramatic, exciting, and very beautiful!

U-do-Raku   -a hands on experience that I run during the cooler months.  I provide a selection of small pots available for purchase.   I then show you how to glaze and prepare the piece for the kiln. The pieces are then raku fired and your new masterpiece is ready to take home within a couple of hours.  Lots of fire, lots of excitement, lots of wonder!  Bring a picnic and hang out at the Pottery.  This is a great small group event for family reunions, parties, and team building.

The Potter's Lifestyle...

"Joyful exchanges. Comfortable while holding full, steaming mugs, surrounded and nurtured by this creative chaos."

Rob Gentry - 2010