Hospice of the Upsate, Anderson S.C. - "Wall of Continuing Life"


Started in 2005 and continuing today, this 20 foot long, 10 foot tall, woods scene mural is handmade of stoneware clay tiles, and colored with a variety of clay slips. Flowers, birds, butterflies, and mammals, sponsored by contributors, populate the scene, as a wall- Full of New Life, completes the theme.

It is a favorite place to visit for returning families who have honored their loved ones by sponsoring one or more of the items in the mural. Pairs of donor tiles are created, a symbol depicts the item donated, and a loved one’s name is carved into the surface of the tile. One is given to the sponsoring family as a keepsake, and the duplicate is mounted on the wall. New additions are added quarterly, so the mural is always growing and changing.

I've been honored to work with the amazing staff at Hospice of the Upstate. These are some of the finest, and most caring, people that I have ever worked with.

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Rob Gentry - 2010